Amazon Payments

Get Paid Immediately

Receive payment immediately via PayPal or Amazon. All you and the buyer need is an Amazon or PayPal account. Google Checkout and others are coming soon.

No Uploading Required

Control Your Content. Your files can live on any website. Use popular sites like Flickr and Picasa or your own. If you'd like a place to keep your files we do have hosted storage available.

Not a Stock House

Buyers license from you directly, set your own terms and pricing. We don't get in the way and we only keep 7% of the transaction as opposed to 50%, 60% or 70% at some stack houses.
License Terms

Powerful Rights Engine

Setup your own terms or choose from existing licenses. Define pre-determined licensing fees or negotiate with each buyer on a case by case basis.
Save Money

Save Money

Dealing directly with the content creator is cost effective. Stock houses often take outrageous cuts of licensing fees but with RightsPro you go straight to the source.
Legal Use

Avoid Infringement

Sleep well knowing you've given proper credit and payment to all your sources.
Invite Users

Reach More Content

Invite any creator to license through RightsPro. Use content from any source by inviting them to join RightsPro to negotiate the terms and fees.

Records Management

See all the content you've used over time. Maintaining a list of all the content used can be difficult but with RightsPro it's already done.

Rights Expression Languages

Choose from simple templates or build complex licensing terms in rights expression languages and export as XML.

Detailed PDF Reports

Generate usage, expiration, and credit line reports in PDF, HTML, and XML format.

Collaborate Securely

You control access to your information. Use access control lists (ACLs) to specify who can do what.
Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts of expiring terms. No need to remember when you need to take that content off the website, RightsPro will email you.

Enterprise Assets

Link to content in CMIS enabled enterprise content/digital asset management systems such as Alfresco.

Dynamic Content Viewing

View content sets using the CoolIris browser plugin.