Buy and Sell Photos, Videos, or any Creative Content

RightsPro enables you to create your own licensing agreements and send or receive payment immediately.


Not a Stock House

Buyers license from you directly, set your own terms and pricing.

Get Paid Immediately

Receive payment immediately via PayPal or Amazon.

No Uploading Required

Control Your Content. Your files can live on any website.

Powerful Rights Engine

Setup your own terms or choose from existing licenses.


Save Money

Dealing directly with the content creator is cost effective.

Avoid Infringement

Sleep well knowing you've given proper credit and payment.

Reach More Content

Invite any creator to license through RightsPro.

Records Management

See all the content you've used over time.
Rights Experts

We have been supporting clients in the licensing and permissions industry through our professional services for over 20 years.

Let us jump start your project or tie up loose ends.

  • Rights Clearance and Research
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Content Use Negotiations
  • Rights of Privacy/Publicity Clearance
  • Due Diligence Reports

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